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3 things I miss about my youth

June 25, 2011

1. FAO Schwarz

San Francisco store

Up until around 2002 there was an FAO Schwarz in San Francisco. I used to love hanging out in this three storied store from an appropriate age (elementary school) all the way through college. How great was it going to a place that although was about making money, also provided the opportunity to really feel like you were taking a break from real life and going to a magical land filled with toys and candy. Sadly, it did not last, you know, due to that whole “making money” thing. I was able to make it to the FAO in Las Vegas before it closed a couple of years ago too but it already had that deserted feel to it and I was sad to find out they did not have the singing clock ala San Francisco. Hopefully by the time I finally visit New York, the last remaining FAO will still be there.

Here’s a video of the awesome song that would play constantly in the store using about the saddest picture ever (not the SF store either):


2. Cartoons

More specifically the weekday afternoon cartoons put out by Disney and Warner Brothers in the late 80s early 90s.  Yet again, I was still watching these at an age when it was no longer “appropriate” but enjoyed immensely non the less. On the WB end there was Tiny Toon Adventure’s, Animaniacs, and the short lived Histeria! Disney gave us Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck, and two of my all time favorites, Recess and Pepper Ann. The WB cartoons let me know that being weird and knowing way too much about pop culture was cool, while the Disney cartoons gave me the time to still feel young and innocent when sometimes the rest of life told me I had to grow up.

Histeria! – better then history class.

Pepper Ann – “Who is she, and why does she have her own song?”


3. Record Stores

San Francisco Virgin Megastore

The great teenage tradition of hanging out in record stores is pretty much gone. I have specific memories of passing so much time at Tower Records, Sam Goody, and the Virgin Megastore either listening to music, reading magazines, or just wondering the aisles looking at things. I can remember at what locations I bought specific albums and where I was in my life when I bought them. I have no such memories of downloading an album from the internet. Yes there are still independent record stores around, and yes I realize “the death of the music industry” has been written about before, but I can’t help but feel bad for kids now who won’t have these experiences. You can probably add bookstores to this as well (RIP Borders).


Knitting my first sweater

June 19, 2011

I recently finished knitting my first sweater and I have to say, it wasn’t too bad! The biggest annoyance may have been at the point when I thought I was done with the sweater, wore it to work, and while there noticed there was a slight difference in color between the front and the back which must have happened while blocking it.

Besides that, the actual process of knitting the sweater was pretty easy. This was knit top down and in the round so I barely had to sew any pieces together (just the under seam of the sleeves). Didn’t really make many changes to the original pattern except I made the sleeves a bit longer. At the point when you are supposed to add the band to the sleeves, I just began knitting with the original color and didn’t cast on any extra stitches. I then knit in stockinette (since it was no longer in the round) for 20 rows, beginning with K and after the last P round, I switched colors and knit in the seed stitch as called for.

Oh and about the color difference while blocking? I washed the sweater again and this time REALLY squeezed the water out before leaving it to dry and it came out fine! Plus I got to step on it which was pretty fun.

Hoarders = t-shirt project

June 15, 2011

My boyfriend and I have been watching a lot of “Hoarders” on Netflix lately which always has the effect of making me want to get rid of things. I’d been saving old graphic tees, mostly from shows, that no longer fit me but I couldn’t get myself to get rid of. I’d been saving them for some sort of project, most likely a quilt but I realized it was highly doubtful that would happen so off they go!

But I can’t just get rid of them! So how do you keep something while getting rid of it at the same time? By taking pictures of course! Rather then post all the pictures here individually I decided to play around with some collage software which is how I got the picture above. To add to this, here are a few close ups of the harder to see t-shirts:

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Elephant skirt

May 21, 2011

I’ve been working on something a bit different lately which is a sewing project. You see I ordered these really cute fabrics from Japan about a month ago with the idea in mind to make a skirt (or a few).  Well I began working on my first skirt two weeks ago until I hit a snag when I realized my sewing machine did not come with a zipper foot. So after getting one, I was finally able to continue today.

This is my first sewing project from scratch involving a wearable. I’d only modified pieces of clothing before so I was a bit scared to ruin my fabric. So far it’s not too bad. It’s not perfect and I’ve learned a few things, but I can definitely wear it and it’s not ruined. I’ve almost finished except a few finishing touches, including possibly adding a different fabric border on the bottom since it came out a bit shorter then I like. Here are a few pictures as an idea of what the skirt would look like with the border.

Skirt layed flat. I had to add darts since it was too loose in the waist. I think I put the folds the wrong way though...

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Finished Foxy

April 30, 2011

I finished my edited version of the fox scarf I mentioned last time. It really bears very little resemblance to the original, especially around the head (I basically made the tail again) so I’ll list a few possible words to describe this project: inspired by, based on, interpreted from Stone Cold Fox Scarf. Below is the pattern used to make this guy if you want the lazy straight needle version. Read more…


April 17, 2011
Fox tail and back legs

I began working on a fox scarf a week or two ago after my cousin’s step-daughter or my step-cousin once removed (thanks Wikipedia for explaining that relation!) posted a picture of one on my Facebook page about a year ago asking if I could make one.

At the time I was in the process of knitting one scarf already, and that one was basically being ignored. Since I managed to finish that over Thanksgiving, and finished my black hat that was supposed to replace one lost over Christmas a few weeks ago, I decided to finally start this project.

I looked around Ravelry for a scarf pattern I liked but the one I liked the most was knit in the round and boy am I tired of knitting in the round! So I worked on the pattern for a few hours, modifying it to be knit flat. Now I was on maybe 3 hours of sleep when I did this so I’ve already been modifying my modified directions as I go along (for instance, I wish I had done one less decrease before the body) and I will post my pattern once I finish and can give more tips.

So far, I finished the tail and back legs and I’ll continue working on the body which is just straight up 1×1 rib stitch. Further updates upon completion.

Button Beret

March 26, 2011

I always think black hats make me look like a hobo so I was hoping the fancy flower buttons would help. Still look like a hobo to me.

I mentioned in my last post that I had two failed knit hat attempts but I didn’t mention that I had also started on my third just in case that one failed as well. But apparently third one’s the charm! The difference came once I realized the yarn I had been trying to use was just not working. Yet again the lesson that yarn weight DOES make a difference. So in my third attempt I switched to a heavier black yarn (as opposed to a lighter gray, even though that was my preferred color) and success.

Throughout this as well, I also tried different patterns, mostly because I get bored of doing the same thing over and over again and since I was forced to keep remaking my hat, I figured I might as well. The first hat pattern I tried I actually completed before realizing it was two small. I’ll probably try this one again with some nice yarn that shows off the pattern because I really like it. The second one I tried I didn’t get too far before realizing it would be too small as well. The winning pattern (yet again, probably not the other patterns’ faults, just my yarn weight) was this Buttoned Beret. So here’s some pictures of mine which unfortunately is hard to get the details when it’s in black.

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