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Knitting my first sweater

June 19, 2011

I recently finished knitting my first sweater and I have to say, it wasn’t too bad! The biggest annoyance may have been at the point when I thought I was done with the sweater, wore it to work, and while there noticed there was a slight difference in color between the front and the back which must have happened while blocking it.

Besides that, the actual process of knitting the sweater was pretty easy. This was knit top down and in the round so I barely had to sew any pieces together (just the under seam of the sleeves). Didn’t really make many changes to the original pattern except I made the sleeves a bit longer. At the point when you are supposed to add the band to the sleeves, I just began knitting with the original color and didn’t cast on any extra stitches. I then knit in stockinette (since it was no longer in the round) for 20 rows, beginning with K and after the last P round, I switched colors and knit in the seed stitch as called for.

Oh and about the color difference while blocking? I washed the sweater again and this time REALLY squeezed the water out before leaving it to dry and it came out fine! Plus I got to step on it which was pretty fun.

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