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Hoarders = t-shirt project

June 15, 2011

My boyfriend and I have been watching a lot of “Hoarders” on Netflix lately which always has the effect of making me want to get rid of things. I’d been saving old graphic tees, mostly from shows, that no longer fit me but I couldn’t get myself to get rid of. I’d been saving them for some sort of project, most likely a quilt but I realized it was highly doubtful that would happen so off they go!

But I can’t just get rid of them! So how do you keep something while getting rid of it at the same time? By taking pictures of course! Rather then post all the pictures here individually I decided to play around with some collage software which is how I got the picture above. To add to this, here are a few close ups of the harder to see t-shirts:

Pipettes shirt from London show. I don't think I could ever lose enough weight that this would fit me again but I'm keeping it for now.

from Belle and Sebastian show at the Hollywood Bowl

so true Art Brut, so true...

Graham's artwork (I may not be able to part with this one)

Kaiser Chiefs shirt

Hmmm… after writing all these blurbs I may need to add more to this project. Commentary to go with the rest of the shirts? Shall wait for another day.

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