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April 17, 2011
Fox tail and back legs

I began working on a fox scarf a week or two ago after my cousin’s step-daughter or my step-cousin once removed (thanks Wikipedia for explaining that relation!) posted a picture of one on my Facebook page about a year ago asking if I could make one.

At the time I was in the process of knitting one scarf already, and that one was basically being ignored. Since I managed to finish that over Thanksgiving, and finished my black hat that was supposed to replace one lost over Christmas a few weeks ago, I decided to finally start this project.

I looked around Ravelry for a scarf pattern I liked but the one I liked the most was knit in the round and boy am I tired of knitting in the round! So I worked on the pattern for a few hours, modifying it to be knit flat. Now I was on maybe 3 hours of sleep when I did this so I’ve already been modifying my modified directions as I go along (for instance, I wish I had done one less decrease before the body) and I will post my pattern once I finish and can give more tips.

So far, I finished the tail and back legs and I’ll continue working on the body which is just straight up 1×1 rib stitch. Further updates upon completion.

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