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Happy 2011! (three months later)

March 21, 2011

I should start off by saying that I need to change my bio because “documenting me doing at least one creative thing per day” is more difficult to accomplish when you are back to working full time. The truth is I have still been working on creating stuff (including two failed knit hat attempts) but it’s been the documenting that’s been the issue. Thus my first entry for 2011 comes in late March.

With that in mind, I am yet again backtracking to document something I did a while ago, from earlier this year. For Christmas my boyfriend gave me something off my wish list, The Black Apple’s Paper Doll Primer.  While the book is filled with awesome unique characters by Emily Martin, my favorite part of the book was the section on creating a paper doll you. I really got into this and besides creating a paper doll Vanessa, I also created a paper doll Edgar, a paper doll in honor of my friend’s birthday and even got my friend Anna into making her own doll (not pictured since she has yet to come over to finish it).

So here are some pictures including some of the different outfits I created based on what I usually wear or actually own!

school girl type sweater

Cat hat (I have one I knit), black sweater with pins on top of a blue striped shirt and dark jeans AKA my usual uniform

Fake Burberry scarf. I also technically made the skirt from a pair of shorts in the book. I don't do shorts...

Based on Betsy Johnson dress I used to own before selling it on ebay last year. (Also note where my polka-dots smudged because I touched the dress before it dried fully)

Edgar- featuring fancy white shoes he actually owns, but per his request, a jacket with elbow patches AND a pocket watch (hard to see in this picture but look near the pocket).

Dandy purple tie

Paper doll Marie with a special bee t-shirt.

My plan is to eventually form scenes with my dolls and some of the characters from the book. I will update if/when that happens. For now, hopefully I’ll see you sooner then in three months!

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