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Undocumented 2010

December 31, 2010

I slacked off in 2010 especially in reference to my goal of doing one creative thing per day and documenting it. Sometimes I did do things like knit or bake but I didn’t document them, or I went as far as taking pictures but not putting them online. So here are 12 pictures, roughly one for each month though some months were missing pictures (I took none on my birthday apparently) so other months are represented twice, to tell a brief story of the undocumented 2010.

In January I put together this Playmobil forest scene which is one of the few Playmobil things we still have out.

In February this awesome Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay set was released to go along with the movie. It was too expensive to keep (but not before taking some pictures of it) so I returned it. I wish I had kept it when I later found out it was going for more on ebay.

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, I happened to come across this tea party setting at a department store the same day I went out to tea with friends.

Sometime in the spring I caught this lovely picture of a meerkat at the SF zoo.

Closeup shot of my first Tokidoki bag which I took in order to sell on ebay. Awesome bag (check out the details like the rainbow zipper), but I had two and needed the money.

Good ol' Yotsuba&!, featured here with some lovely strawberry kitchen accouterments, but what's that? Watch out, it's Pedobear behind her!

I got this guy at Daiso, a Japanese store here in Northern California. He's quite cute but he looks terrified to be used in the bathroom.

These cupcakes were decorated with random things I had around the house including fancy food picks from Daiso with animals on the top. Later that night I brought some over to a friend's place to watch Camp Rock 2 (and nope neither of us is anywhere near 15).

Nice view from our hotel room at Paris in Las Vegas. One of these days I'll make it to the real Paris!

Christmas at Disneyland is a pretty thing. Missed the fake snow both days we were there though.

A selection of some of the gingerbread cookies I made for a cookie exchange party. Included are man with a cast on his leg, topless woman, dead man and baby with pacifier.

And finally, a sweet ornament I bought at Disneyland of Mickey and Minnie kissing. Happy Holidays and a great 2011!

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