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More ice cream and learning to make amigurumi

June 29, 2010

I finished my second ice cream cone which will also be the last item for the Cambell Relay For Life. Good luck David’s Dragons and hope I helped in raising some money!

So here’s what it looks like. It’s a bit top heavy which is proof yet again that yarn weight makes a difference.

soft serve ice cream cone

I think next time I make the soft serve version I’ll knit less rows at the top. I don’t think it needs quite as many i-cord rows as it called for, or at least not with the yarn I was using, maybe had I used something lighter.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting books from the library on crocheting (mostly) and knitting (one) amigurumi as well as general doll/craft making books. I’ve tried and tried to teach myself not only how to crochet but how to crochet these cute little creations. Unfortunately I haven’t been successful. But today I finally clicked on a youtube link that I had been ignoring when I Googled “amigurumi”:

I haven’t tried it but this looks way easier to understand then from a book. Wish me luck!

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