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Cup-a-knit-cake take 2!

June 7, 2010

So I like my second cupcake more then my first one.

I changed the original pattern so it would have more of a muffin-top (as a cupcake should…) and I also made the casing smaller and a bit more snug around it. I’m including my reworked pattern here (changes in bold).

Based on original Cupcake pattern here by BeeKnits- all credit goes there.

4mm Needles
M1: Pick up loop between stitches and knit into the back of it to make an extra stitch.

Start with cake colour
Cast on 7st
row 1: (K1, M1) 5 times, K1 – 11st
row 2: P
row 3: (K2, M1) 5 times, K1 – 16st
row 4: P
row 5: (K3, M1) 5 times, K1 – 21st
row 6: P
row 7-9: K
row 10: P
row 11: K4, (K1, M1, K6)x 2, K1, M1, K2 – 24st
row 12-14: stst, starting with a P row
row 15: K4 (K1, M1, K6)x 2, K1, M1, K5 – 27st
row 16: P
row 17: (K4, K1, M1) x 5, K2 – 32st
row 18: P
Break off yarn and join icing colour
row 19: K6, (K1, M1, K8) x 2, K1, M1, K7 – 35st
row 20: P
row 21: (k4, kfb) x 7 – 42st
row 22: P
row 23: (k4, k2tog) x7 – 35st

row 24: P
row 25: (K8, K2tog) x 3, K5 – 32st
row 26: P
row 27: (K4, K2tog) x 5, K2 – 27st
row 28: P
row 29: (K2tog) x 13, K1 – 14st
row 30: (P2tog) to end – 7st
Pass thread through stitches and pull tight. Sew up cake, leaving hole in bottom to stuff. Thread yarn through CO stitches and pull tight.

Using color desired for case, Cast on 7st.
garter st until it fits snugly around cupcake, Cast off.

Pick up and knit 28 stitches on row ends.
row 1: P
row 2: (K4, K2tog) x 4, K4 – 24st
row 3: P
row 4: (K2 K2tog) to end – 18st
row 5: P
row 6: K2tog to end – 9st
Thread yarn through stitches and pull up tight. Sew sides of case together.

Chocolate button or Cherry
CO 6st
Starting with P, stst 8 rows. Thread yarn through stitches and round edges of work. Pull tightly to make ball. For cherry, use the CO yarn and pass through center for the stem. Sew onto cake, passing the thread through to bottom of cake to fasten off to give a little ‘dip’ in the centre of the cake.

Sew straight stitches randomly on top for ‘sprinkles’ or add your own flare!

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