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Rat Day

April 26, 2010
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I think today should have been called Rat Day because of the Banksys I saw; same stencil of the rat were used for both. Though I’m excited about the final pieces I have left, which are all in the Mission so will probably get visited on Wednesday.

Back to today. First off, I took a mini trip from my job since luckily there is a Banksy a block away. Got a really good close up even though it’s on top of a building.

Then after work I took a detour to the Haight to check out the pieces above Villains Vault. I really wish somebody would get roof access to this one because it seems like it’s all one piece and the line continues from one end to the other. This might make more sense with pictures:

You can see a bit of the red line at the end of the rat’s spray can and I think it could almost one continues line (probably actually broken because the building are separate) but I would love to see someone get better shots of these.

Anyway, here’s some close ups but still from across the street.

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