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So you went to see Alice in Wonderland…

March 8, 2010

…and now it’s time to obsessively buy merchandise. But how about instead of giving more money to Disney you satisfy your craving by supporting some indie artists on Etsy!

One of my favorite artists is The Black Apple and I’ve been eying this particular print set of hers for a while. Now may be the time to get it, if I only had more wall space… (I already have two prints of hers sitting on the ground waiting to go up since Christmas).

Alice in Wonderland print set by The Black Apple

Another option is to stop by Hoolala which has a ton of Alice in Wonderland jewelry to choose from. So many in fact it was difficult to choose just one to represent everything, but here’s a simple white rabbit charm necklace that I like.

I'm late!

And finally, if you are considering having your own mad tea party, may I suggest some adorable cupcake toppers from CupcakeSocial?

Dwarf, deer and mushroom toppers shown here (sold separately).


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  1. Anna permalink
    March 9, 2010 8:05 AM

    I like the tea party idea but I LOVEEEEEEEE love love The Back Apple print.

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