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To Do List

February 3, 2010

The problem now is what do I want to do? What shall be my next creative endeavor? Because I’m pretty sure playing Harvest Moon obsessively doesn’t count as being creative (virtual cooking!) Edgar suggested I make a bunch of posts showing off our Playmobil scenes which might be fun. I think I need to make another of those lists of things I can do so let’s go at it!

1. Playmobil scenes

2. I should cook something from one of the cookbooks I got for Christmas.

3. Maybe I should start on that scarf I started but had to take apart because it was coming out too wide (if you hadn’t noticed it’s difficult for me to continue something once I stop doing it)

4. Work on my weird fashion book (I’ll have to explain further i the post)

5. I totally think finish reading one of the three books I started should count. Can anybody say book report?

6. I should figure out what I did with those animal pictures I printed out a while ago and finally work on drawing them seeing as how I found my old sketchbook specifically for this.

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