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What I’ve been up to

February 2, 2010

Yes like most things in life I gave up after a short while of trying something. Not that I didn’t do cool things in December and January, but well I think I got too busy to document it all. So here’s a short list of some fun things I did in the last couple of months that didn’t get on here.

1. Began collecting Playmobil

Only part of our new collection.

2. Found a copy of Olivia in Latin for around $3.

I don't know Latin, you are on your own to translate this.

3. That creative thing I made but couldn’t say what it was? I made a book for Edgar about his fictional French bulldog, Beaucoup.

That's my interpretation of Edgar at Duboce Park.

4. Wrote some things for Spinning Platters, including recording a podcast ( I had about two lines).

Spinning Platters Picks Six: Christmas Songs it’s OK to Like

Spinning Platters Presents the Official List of the Top 15 Albums of 2009 (I wrote the blurb for #10 not that I’m super proud of my writing in that…)

Spinning Platters Podcast Episode 11 – Everybody Votes

5. Finished knitting Anna’s doughnut.

Those are supposed to be sugar sprinkles.

Frankly mostly I played video games so hopefully from now on I’ll get more stuff done and will document it here.

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  1. Anna permalink
    February 3, 2010 8:35 AM

    I heart it!

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