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Super Fail?

November 23, 2009

I ate one already.


Today I learned I suck at making biscuits from scratch. They are one sticky mess! The recipe was supposed to make 12 but ended up making 8 because most of the dough got stuck on everything, including my hands.

Since now I’m clean while the biscuits are in the oven, I looked up some tips and here’s one that sounds helpful:

Knead dough and cut biscuits: Dump dough mixture out onto floured work surface. With floured hands, lightly knead dough a few times until it is fairly well blended. Pat out into a circle, 3/4 – 1 inch thick. Dip cutter into flour and cut biscuits without twisting the cutter. Form the dough scraps into an extra biscuit-like shape instead of re-rolling the dough. Place cut biscuits together on the baking sheet so that the sides are touching. Brush tops with melted butter, if desired.

Basically the key is flour everything, including your hands. Good news is they don’t look that bad and smell pretty delicious, let’s just hope they taste it as well.  It’s a good thing I decided to do a pre thanksgiving trial at them!

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  1. Anna permalink
    November 23, 2009 6:33 PM

    Did it taste good?

    • November 23, 2009 6:44 PM

      they are nice and fluffy and would have tasted good with butter. Don’t really know if it’s worth it to make to take for Thanksgiving dinner, depends how they taste in about 4-5 hours since that’s how long it would be from when I bake them to when they get eaten.

  2. Anna permalink
    November 23, 2009 7:24 PM

    Run the next experimental test in 4hrs. I need to know. Also a next day taste test is in orderfor the knowledge of if I’m to be lured to your place on Friday to eat left over biscuits.

    • November 23, 2009 7:38 PM

      there probably won’t be left overs since I’m making them to take to my cousins. Now what I can do for you is make some cookies. Got butterscotch chips and chocolate chips today.

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