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Ah well.

November 21, 2009

Ok now I didn’t write for a couple of days. Boo to me!

Thursday I went to midnight showing of New Moon, not that I’m proud of that. It was less ridiculously bad then the first one, so less laugh out loud at inappropriate moments. Good job with that bigger budget peeps!

Friday, I slept in and went to work late, then right after me and Edgar went to “the official start of the holidays in San Francisco” which was the tree and building lighting ceremony at the Embarcadero complete with fireworks, yay! We also went to Miette again at their location at the Ferry Building to get some more delicious desserts, but no cat tongues this time.I’ll post a few pictures of that here.

As far as today, it consists of the same project which is the top 15 of Spinning Platters (yes I’m happy it’s now 15). There are 56 albums on the nomination list that I have to listen through. Sigh… So that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. Maybe I’ll finish my beret while I listen!

ice rink at the Embarcadero and the Ferry Building in the background

lit up buildings complete with fireworks

Christmas tree at the Hyatt Regency as seen through a curtain of lights

Same tree with the lights to the side.

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