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So close…

November 16, 2009

…yet so far away.

Ok not really, but yesterday I didn’t end up writing anything since I got home later then I expected and was too exhausted to write. So thus, my first skipped entry.

But I actually had spent the morning working on something, which was finishing up deciding which albums I wanted to submit to Spinning Platters for our Top 10 of the year. (I doubt any of them will get picked though, because I’m a pessimist).

His OrchestraField Guide to the Wilds

Mostly unknown band, record was only released on itunes and sold at thier shows, but I think it’s a really strong album. Basically the only song I would skip through is the instrumental, titled “Instrumental”, but even that isn’t long enough to bother me. Would love for them to get into the Top 10.

Florence & the MachineLungs

Before the record had been released I downloaded a ton of tracks because of the hype (re NME) around Florence & the Machine, and although there were a few good tracks, it still didn’t stick with me. This time I had a finalized album to listen to  and it made all the difference. I respond much better to the order of completed albums.

Yeah Yeah YeahsIt’s Blitz!

Yea it’s a good album (see what I did there?). I’d only really heard this while my boyfriend played it doing homework and although I kept thinking I should listen to it, I just never got around to it. Mostly because sounded like a mature Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which isn’t a bad thing, just missed the rawness of the first album.

Au Revoir SimoneStill Night, Still Light

A surprise here. I have to admit, I totally judge a book by it’s cover, or sometimes a band by their name. If they have an interesting name, I’m more likely to listen to them, and then I judge by what they sound like. In my quest to find 5 albums to nominate, I found Au Revoir Simone., which is totally up my alley. Now, I suck at describing what bands sound like, but I’ll try- maybe a little twee with electronic notes… um, they are better then what I’m making them sound like, trust me.

Emmy the GreatFirst Love

Although I reviewed this album for Spinning Platters, I still have a hard time remembering her name and keep calling her “fake Kate Nash” which in my book isn’t really a bad thing. So maybe Emmy the Great’s sound isn’t that original, I still thinks she writes really great story-songs.

A bit of the reason why I picked these albums was just to maybe get someone to listen to them and like them even if they don’t end up making it to our top 10 list.

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