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there’s no such thing as being bored, just boring people

November 6, 2009

Well I guess I’m boring then.

I should be doing something, but not feeling motivated to do anything. Not even motivated enough to come up with my list of 7 things to do next week. This may stem from the fact that one of the things I was planning on putting on that list, I just went up and did, which was renewing my library card (did you know they expire?)

I guess I should just keep knitting. Can’t wait for the week of Thanksgiving when I can decorate for Christmas. So far I just put up star lights which weren’t festive enough to disturb my boyfriend, but festive enough to give me joy. Plus the added light in winter helps to make me less gloomy.

1. Finish taking pictures with pinhole camera and develop them. See if it works.

2. Sketches from cute animal pictures that I still need to print.

3. Print said animal pictures

4. Cute outfit with pictures, preferably one I haven’t worn before.

5. Write album review of Coconut Records

6. Take more pictures for Edgar’s video project

7. Continue working on beret

Woohoo! 7 things!

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