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Take 2!

November 5, 2009

Not super productive today in the creative endeavor field, but not for lack of trying. After about 6 tries, I was finally able to start my beret. Since I’m using my own yarn as opposed to the one called for in the pattern, and mine is a bit on the thinner side, I had to keep adjusting how many stitches I cast on in order to get the right size. But that’s ok, hopefully I’ll get it this time. So I ended up with only one round so far before I decided to stop for the night. Ah well, I’ll have more time to work on it this weekend.

In other news, there are a few other project I’m thinking of doing, but they involve buying materials when kind of the point is to save some money. I’m thinking of painting but I also want a scanner for a few odd things I’m thinking of. One project I want to do involves going through my Bust magazine for interesting projects to do, but I’d like to scan them since I won’t rip those magazines up. I should continue with the projects that don’t involve spending money then move on to those.

For tomorrow though, my project will be to plan 7 different things for me to do next week. Yes I work better with a schedule…

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